About AlphaVol

Developed by Hartman Financial Planning

Bradley Hartman, a seasoned options trader and fee only money manager developed the AlphaVol system with a group of fellow options traders. His intimate knowledge of market volatility, implied volatility, and VIX based products gives him a unique insight into the volatility space.

The system is either long XIV or cash based on an automated signal that is emailed or texted daily to professional subscribers.

Annual returns have far outpaced the S&P 500 or just buying and holding the XIV inverse volatility index. See our performance page for more information..

Independently Verified

The system has been back test by two other parties to ensure it really generates Alpha and is inherently robust and is NOT curve fitted.

Thoroughly Back tested

The system has been backtested since the conception of XIV with great annual results and reasonable volatility. Click on the "XIV Long" page under the "Strategies" tab for more information.